Clara Sullivan
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Clara Sullivan who was born in Georgia on October 03, 1910 and passed away on January 05, 2006 at the age of 95. Loved dearly by her family and everyone that she came into contact with. We will remember her forever.

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~A Christmas Remembrance~   / Garnet/Sister To Sgt David Dickinson
Thinking of Clara with prayers that God's peace will abide with her loving family this holiday season.
In Remembrance Of Clara   / Garnet/Mom To Angel Julia Hadcock
As you were, you will always be Treasured forever in memories.
~ In Tribute To A Special Lady & Her Family ~   / Garnet/Mom To Julia Hadcock &. Sister To (Sgt. David Dickinson )
Beautiful memories Are wonderful things, They last till the longest day, They never wear out, They never get lost, And can never be given away. To some you may be forgotten, To others a part of the past. But to those who loved and lost you, Yo...  Continue >>
Mrs.  / Rita Durham (Granddaughter)
I love you Granny, when you passed I felt as if I lost another part of my dad.  I know he was standing there at the gates waiting to greet you, I am sure you had a wonderful surprise seeing him there. 
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